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  • How is ProDough used?
    Doughs can be used as a training device to practice tossing, or throwing dough without wasting the real thing. You can use it in your store to build traffic, have a store contest, as a featured part of a charity event, any safe thing you invent or for just having fun. Prodough should not be used by children under age 5 without adult supervision. See tips inside package.

  • What is ProDough made of?
    The exact formula of ProDough is proprietary. It is made, however, basically of plastic silicon derivatives, does not contain latex and glows in the dark!

  • How long will it last?
    If used as intended and stored in the Tote, it will last for years with normal use.

  • How do you clean ProDough?
    Hand wash using a mild (weak) detergent solution, rinse thoroughly in clean water and air dir. Use talcum powder or flour to restore the original smooth outside texture. Store in the Tote when not in use.

  • How can I learn tricks?
    There are several ways. You can buy "Toss Like a Pro" how to DVDs from your favorite food or equipment distributors. For more information, call us at 1-800-946-8224. DVDs are available in three levels; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. All DVDs feature Tony Gemignani, Five Time World Champion.

  • How can I join the World Pizza Championship?
    To join the team and get updates on regional competition and tryouts see World Pizza Championship.